Our season has been running for a couple of weeks now and we couldn’t ask for a better start! Fishing has been great for chinook and halibut and there have been a surprising number of coho showing up already! All indications is the the predictions made for this summer are holding true and we are experiencing some of the best fishing we have seen over the past several years!

Even with the unnecessary restrictions keeping us from retaining chinook off shore until mid July, our guests all experienced great chinook fishing in the inshore waters of Area 26. DFO just blind sided us again with an announcement yesterday that from July 15 to July 31, off shore retention of chinook will be limited to fish under 80 cm (about a 15 or 16 lb fish). Another political, not science based decision that has the sport fishing community up in arms. The good news though, is that it really doesn’t matter as the inshore chinook fishing has been great!

Thornton Island has been a hot spot, as has the usual Spring Island/Lookout Island pass, along with some other areas like The Grocery Store and Favourite Entrance all have been producing lots of great chinook and coho. Fish seem to be all over the place, fishing shallow in 40 ft of water all the way to scraping the bottom in 140 ft of water! Small spoons, hootchies and anchovies seem to be the big producers right now.

Halibut fishing for the chickens (under 90 cm) has been on fire out at the Whale Tail (no surprise there) and for those willing to invest a little more time on halibut, there have been some nice turkeys caught in closer to shore, producing some nice halis in the 40 to 60 lb range. Several oversized halibut (over 126 cm) have been hooked and released as well.


Lings seem to be a little on the elusive side this year but it’s only a matter of time till we find where they are hiding at……stay tuned for updates on the next fishing report.

Our drive in trips are now over for the season as the guests for the remainder of the season will be flying in from Richmond, BC with the luxurious Caravan float planes, operated by Seair. The last trip of the season is a drive in trip at the very end of August and is sold out.

We have had the pleasure of entertaining a lot of return guests so far and also have made some new friends that will be coming back to see us again next year! If rebooks continue at this pace for 2020, we will most likely be 100% sold out for 2020.

There are still a few select opportunities available this season so if you’re sitting on the fence about coming fishing, don’t miss out on one of the best fishing seasons we’ve seen for a while. Call us at the lodge at 250.332.5274 or email us at . We’d love to have you up and enjoy the great experience we provide here at Walters Cove.

All in all, the 2019 season is shaping up just the way we hoped, and are excited to welcome our old friends again and look forward to making some new ones as well!

Till next report,

Tight Lines!

Terry Schultz . General Manager, KCFN Marina and Campground LP Walters Cove Resort