The season here got off to a fantastic start with limits of chinooks, earlier than usual good numbers of coho, plentiful chicken halibut and great weather. This lasted for the first three weeks of the season but in the past week or so we have seen a series of uncommon, winter type storms that have brought gale force SE winds to the area. This sure impacted the fishing, both with the numbers of fish around and also limiting where we could fish for them. Locals have said they hadn’t seen this type of weather pattern or affected fishing for over 25 years!!!

The good news is that these systems have passed and it appears that the fishing has once again started to return to normal. In fact, I delayed posting this for a couple of days to make sure and sure enough, it has indeed picked up and is back to to what we expect here in Kyuquot.

DSC00723 (1).JPG

The springs have moved more to the off shore waters for now (pretty typical for the very end of July) and with all of our fishing waters open at full limits, we are expecting a great August. “The Bottleneck” was a consistent producer today as Area 126 opened up with no size restrictions on chinooks.

We are finding more turkey sized halibut closer in and even though we had a hard time finding where the lings are hiding this year, they are starting to become more abundant as we check out some more areas that may not have been so heavily fished as in the past.

Hopefully, these uncharacteristic SE storms have ended and we can continue the rest of the season as it should be! There is still limited space available for this year so if you are interested in coming up and experiencing Walters Cove, we’d love to hear from you. There are a few spots on Aug 14 - 18 and Aug 21 - 25. Both are 5 day, 4 night trips that include airfare from Vancouver. Check out our Fly In Packages page for rates.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone coming up yet this year, seeing old friends and making new ones!


Terry Schultz, GM