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Walters Cove Resort

wcr map.PNG

Who We are

Walters Cove Resort is a luxurious fishing lodge located on the NW side of Vancouver Island in Kyuquot Sound. We provide a first class, all-inclusive fishing experience for salmon, halibut and bottom fish. Grady-White boats and both Abel and Avet Reels are an example of the top of the line equipment we provide. 

Our small, intimate lodge holds a maximum capacity of only 18 guests which allows us to provide exceptional customer service and cultural experiences such as our signature Beach BBQ. Not to mention access to the most consistent fishing on the West Coast!

We are part of the tourism division of the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’les7et’h’ First Nations. (pronounced Ky-oo- kit Check-le- set). The lodge was first built in 2004 and has been operating successfully since. The Nation acquired the Resort in 2014 and through extensive renovations and equipment upgrades has consistently grown our position as a first-class fishing resort that caters to a worldwide audience.

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Mission Statement

We are a limited partnership owned by the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’les7et’h’ First Nations.  Our professional, experienced team operates marine services and provides diverse tourism opportunities in the Nation’s traditional territory. We create experiences and memories that last a life time by delivering a very high level of customer service to our guests while they are surrounded by the rugged beauty of the land and sea. By engaging in respectful, responsible and sustainable business practices, we foster economic and community development for the nation.


indigenous Tourism BC Industry Award Recipient


 In 2015 Walters Cove Resort was awarded the Indigenous Tourism BC Industry Award (formerly Aboriginal Tourism BC) for Outdoor Adventures. The award is presented to Aboriginal businesses which encourage customer participation and unique experiences in the great outdoors, as well as for demonstrating cultural and environmental understanding and interests in conservation initiatives.


Vision Statement

To provide ever increasing opportunities for employment and financial success to the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations by improving our current operations to become larger scale and more profitable. Our goal is to operate the most sought after, prestigious and long lasting tourism company in the region of Kyuquot for the benefit of all guests, employees and members of the Nation. We will accomplish this by successfully expanding the number and quality of services and activities available to both visitors and residents.



Walters Cove Resort is proud be part of KCFN Marina and Campground Limited Partnership. We currently have two sister businesses and have plans to develop more in the future.

Fair Harbour Marina and Campground  – Fair Harbour serves as the Gateway to Kyuquot and is the final destination for driving into the Kyuquot area. Equipped with supervised parking, a general store, fuel dock and 35 campsites, this is where we meet you to bring you into the lodge by boat, if that is your preferred way of arriving at Walters Cove Resort.

Fair Harbour Marina and Campground – Fair Harbour serves as the Gateway to Kyuquot and is the final destination for driving into the Kyuquot area.  Services in Fair Harbour include a 30 site campground, moorage, a general store, fuel dock, barge ramp, boat launch and supervised parking area.  If you are driving in to Walters Cove, this is where you park your vehicle and we meet up with you! 


The Purple Palace – With so much to see and do in the surrounding area, some people are looking for affordable, comfortable, clean accommodations to base out of while building your own adventure. Kayakers, hikers, surfers and adventure seekers can find this at the Purple Palace Hostel, located on Walters Island.



St. Jean's Cannery - A legend on the West Coast, St. Jeans provides you with custom canning and smoking options for your catch.


Fraser River Outfitters - A true, west coast hunting experience!

We are proud to Support

The Sport Fishing Institute of BC – The SFI is an important not-for-profit organization that is comprised almost exclusively of volunteers who dedicate much time and effort working hard to collaborate with government and other NGOs to ensure a healthy sport fishery in BC.


Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia – Promotes First Nations owned and operated BC tourism to the world.

We are very proud to have won the 2015 Outdoor Adventures Award from AtBC. This award recognized Walters Cove Resort as being the best in its category of the Province’s Aboriginal Tourism companies! We will always continue to improve to stay on top!!! 


Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada – National strategies to develop growth of First Nations tourism.


AREA 26 Roundtable – A transparent, collaborative group of stakeholders, governments and NGOs located in the Kyuquot area that recommend and develop policies to see Kyuquot’s fisheries resources flourish.


Local Art and artists


Billy "WilliaM" Cook

Chief William Cook (Mona'kwala) of the 'Namgis first nation, was born June 23, 1974 in Alert Bay, BC. He was raised with culture by his grandparents of the Matilpi and Alfred families. In 1993 his grandfather Gus Matilpi initiated him into his hamat;sa, a sacred cannibal dance and soceity of the Kwakwaka'wakw. A father of 4 he is known throughout his community for his dancing Potlatches, and has held 2 feasts of his own. Under the tutelage of artists such as Francis Dick and Paddy Seaweed his passion for art flourished. He is best known for his jewelry, carving ornate traditional Kwakwaka'wakw images into silver and gold. His mediums extend to acrylic, cedar panels, and repousse


Jessie gillette

Jessie Gillette is an emerging Nuuchahnulth artist working out of Kyuquot, British Columbia – a proud member of the Kyuquot–Checleseht First Nation on his mother's side. Self-taught and carving since he was ten years old, Jessie has developed a sleek, distinctive take on traditional forms. He finds inspiration for his artwork out on the land: fishing, hunting, and clam-digging.