Fishing Report July 26, 2018

Fishing Report July 26, 2018


We are now almost halfway through our season and the fishing is the usual consistent report we see come out of Kyuquot time and time again……


We have seen a long stretch of high pressure with sunny skies and strong NW winds.  Early mornings have been the time to venture out to the outer fishery, fishing along the famous “Salmon Highway”.  The most productive spot out there continues to be the “Whale Tail” which produces halibut at almost every drop of the line and then trolling in the area has been consistently productive for chinook salmon in the mid to high teens.


Some larger chinook have been showing up inside the surf line around Spring Island, Double Rocks and Thornton with the bite turning on and off each day, more typical of salmon fishing.  Fish from these areas have been averaging about 20 lbs.


For some reason, the fish seem to be stronger and fighting harder than usual this year which is a pleasant surprise!  Fish in the high teens and low twenties showing the power of a tyee! Many a guide and fisherman have been fooled by the fight when they finally see the fish!


Everything in the tackle box seems to be working, from spoons to plugs to hootchies and both anchovies and herring are working too!  The fish are definitely hungry. Trolling inshore from 30 to 70 ft and offshore from 140 to 180 ft deep.


Limits of chinook and halibut are the norm for almost all the guests that have been here this year and coho have been showing up in spurts.  One day they are here, the next day, not so much.


Guests are leaving with fish to last them for the winter (until next year) and rebooks are going great!  2018 is sold out now and the future looks great for 2019!


If you’ve got a trip planned for this summer, you won’t be disappointed and we are looking forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones!  If you’re thinking about next season, start planning now. This coming fall is the best time to book something for next summer and if the season continues to go the way it has, there won’t be much available once October or November rolls around!


Till next report,

Tight Lines!

Terry Schultz

General Manager

Walters Cove Resort